2017 New Work In Development

Belloo Creative produces new original contemporary Australian works. We're committed to developing partnerships to present our works to regional, local, national and international audiences.



Dingo tears the binaries of wild and civilised apart as the natural world comes face to face with urbanisation. Inspired by mixed sources of mythology, archaeology and Australian fiction, Dingo combines culture, ecology, history and supernatural imaginings. Social rules are tested and territories examined. Dingo is an earthy and imaginative work that connects us to our beginnings and forces us to face the uncontrollable future. 


The Gloaming

The Gloaming is a dystopian fantasy about a mother and son and the power of story to comfort and terrorise. The Gloaming engages with environmental themes and makes comment on the current battle for Australian wild spaces. The intensity of the stories – their constant surprises and dark twists – makes for an enthralling theatrical experience.


Blue Boat

Blue Boat is a new performance work for children, which follows the adventures of three lost children, at sea, on their blue boat, searching for a new home. We hope also that this folkloric and archetypal tale will provide a platform for discussion between children and their carers about the current issues facing asylum-seekers in Australia.


The Whip

THE WHIP is a new work by Belloo Creative that melds the iconic images of 'My Brilliant Career' (book and film) with the many secret lives of Miles - lover of women, tireless crusader for Australian writers, curmudgeon and iconoclast.



NOTCH explores the aftermath of O-Week gone wrong. This is an urgent, fast-paced work that starts with humour, celebrating sexual freedom, and turns into a fierce, unflinching look at normative behaviour, pack mentality and peer influence.


Contact us today to find out more about our existing works (Motherland and HANAKO) as well as our 2017 works in development.