Artwork Design by Tiffany Atkin.

Artwork Design by Tiffany Atkin.

First time it opens its eyes, it’s mewling and blind. 

I pull it off the teat and take my turn at the rich milk. 

Mother growls but she lets me suck. 

There are only two pups from this litter. 

And me. 

- Katherine Lyall-Watson.

Dogs and wolves have been with us through time. They are at our beginnings and endings: portents of the end of civilisation in myths and sole companion and comfort in post-apocalyptic stories.

Dingo is envisioned as a one-person show that tears the binaries of wild and civilised apart as the natural world comes face to face with urbanisation. We explore the limits of language with the child able to communicate with the audience but not with other humans. Think Romulus and Remus mixed with Mad Max.

Inspired by mixed sources of mythology, archaeology and Australian fiction, Dingo combines culture, ecology, history and supernatural imaginings. Social rules are tested and territories examined as we are led precariously from one moment to the next through the ‘child’ as transmogrified character. 

Dingo is an earthy and imaginative work that connects us to our beginnings and forces us to face the uncontrollable future.