An all-female, award-winning Australian theatre company.

Bringing people and stories out of the shadows.

Belloo is four women with decades of experience: Caroline Dunphy (co-artistic director, director and performer); Dr Katherine Lyall-Watson (co-artistic director and writer); Dr Kathryn Kelly (dramaturg); and Danielle Shankey (producer and general manager).

Belloo produces original contemporary cross-cultural work for stage and film. Founded in 2013, Belloo makes theatre and installations to fire the imagination and connect stories with the physical body and our public spaces.

Belloo is currently company in residence at Queensland Theatre (2019-2020).

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WINNER Best Independent Production, Matilda Awards 2013 (Motherland)
WINNER Best Overall Production, Groundling Awards 2013 (Motherland)
WINNER Barbara Lowing, Gold Matilda Award AND Groundling Award 2013 (Motherland)
FINALIST Patrick White Playwrights’ Award 2013 (Katherine Lyall-Watson)
FINALIST Best Independent Production, Matilda Awards 2016 (HANAKO)
FINALIST Best Sound Design (Dane Alexander), Matilda Awards 2016 (HANAKO)
FINALIST Best Actress (Kimie Tsukakoshi), Matilda Awards 2016 (HANAKO)
FINALIST Best Emerging Artist (Masako Mizusawa), Matilda Awards 2016 (HANAKO)
FINALIST Best Director (Caroline Dunphy), Matilda Awards 2016 (Motherland)

Belloo Creative Partners: Danielle Shankey, Katherine Lyall-Watson, Kathryn Kelly & Caroline Dunphy.  Photo by Cinnamon Smith.

Belloo Creative Partners: Danielle Shankey, Katherine Lyall-Watson, Kathryn Kelly & Caroline Dunphy.
Photo by Cinnamon Smith.

“You don’t need to be in the biz to appreciate that this all-female company holds a firm place now in the Australian theatrical ecosystem.

Having been brought on board by Queensland Theatre as Resident Company for 2019 and with a string of award-winning original productions... Belloo is one of our boldest, bravest, most original and transparent mouthpieces.”
— XS Entertainment

Our Artistic Practice

Belloo values cross-cultural collaboration, risk-taking and rigorous process. We seek out partnerships & grow them into powerful relationships.

Our work



Motherland by Katherine Lyall-Watson and directed by Caroline Dunphy is based on the true story of the Australian woman who married an exiled Russian Prime Minister and saved him from the Nazis in WWII. Motherland premiered at Metro Arts in 2013 before touring nationally in 2016.

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B!Creative | 90 minute workshop
SAND is the first in a series of flexible, hands-on, all-ages, all-abilities workshops and installations. Fun, messy & inspiring! Professional artists engage with your community to activate public or private spaces as they deliver contemporary multi-art form participatory workshops.

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HANAKO by Katherine Lyall-Watson and Caroline Dunphy is a hyper-realistic fantasy of a girl’s journey from a traditional Japanese Noh play into an east-west inspired future world. HANAKO premiered at the Brisbane Powerhouse as part of Brisbane Festival 2016.

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House in the Dunes explores the weathered fragments of our past, embedded in landscape and built environments. Inspired by the classic Japanese novel “Woman in the Dunes”, this contemporary, cross-cultural work explores what happens in the aftermath of dramatic upheaval and celebrates the beauty of impermanence.

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Rovers celebrates women’s lives and stories. Woven from true stories and wild machinations, this rigorous and poetic work resonates with audiences of all ages. Rovers is a contemporary comedy-drama and a nimble two-hander that celebrates the grit and daring of women trailblazers.

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A Belloo work-in-development. 'The Gloaming' is written by Katherine Lyall-Watson, directed by Caroline Dunphy, designed by Dead Puppet Society and composed by Christine Johnston.

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