Blue Boat

Artwork Design by Tiffany Atkin.

Artwork Design by Tiffany Atkin.

Blue Boat is a new performance work for children, which follows the adventures of three lost children, at sea, on their blue boat, searching for a new home.

Blue Boat has all of the delightful pleasures of a traditional lost children adventure tale (storms, pirates, new shores, monsters, mermaids, battles, adversity, treasures, identities lost and found and true secrets, blessings and curses and the squirming pleasure of a world with NO ADULTS) but also asks young children, aged 7-12, to place themselves empathetically in the position of those lost children and to experience what it would be like to be without a home.

To be in a position where you have to ask the question: who will take care of me?  Will you?  And for the audience to see the lost children find dark and dangerous shores that do not take them in but eventually find a place that welcomes them and offers them a home.

We hope also that this folkloric and archetypal tale will provide a platform for discussion between children and their carers about the current issues facing asylum-seekers in Australia.


Director & co-creator – Caroline Dunphy
Playwright & co-creator – Katherine Lyall-Watson
Dramaturg & co-creator – Kathryn Kelly
Producer & co-creator – Danielle Shankey
Musical Director – Emma Dean
Visual Artist – Tiffany Atkin
Designer – Jonathan Shankey


First creative development completed.