A Belloo Creative, Dead Puppets Society & Christine Johnston Collaboration


By Katherine Lyall-Watson

Directed by Caroline Dunphy

The Gloaming is a dystopian fantasy about a mother and son and the power of story to comfort and terrorise.

The mother keeps her son safe and protected by keeping him confined. Their world is a constant retelling and recreation of stories from the one book in the house: a collection of the Brothers Grimm.

Then one day the earth shakes as it’s blasted open. Trees topple and crash. The outside world comes roaring to their hideaway in the guise of a hunter with his dogs, roaming the land for mineral wealth. A battle to the death ensues.

Artwork Design by Tiffany Atkin.

Artwork Design by Tiffany Atkin.

Making ‘The Gloaming’ ... this contemporary work engages with environmental themes and makes comment on the current battle for Australian wild spaces through the fairytale form. The intensity of the stories – their constant surprises and dark twists – makes for an enthralling theatrical experience.
— Belloo Creative


Playwright - Katherine Lyall-Watson
Director - Caroline Dunphy
Dramaturg - Kathryn Kelly
Producer - Danielle Shankey
Design and co-producers - Dead Puppet Society
Vocal and instrumental composition by Christine Johnston 


Work In Development
First creative development completed

Supporters & Acknowledgements

The 2014 creative development of The Gloaming was supported by an Arts Queensland grant and by The Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Art‘s Fresh Ground program. Read Arts Queensland’s case study on the development outcomes.