Creative Development

February 2018

Tokyo, Japan


The SAND creative development process was an inter-cultural collaboration between Japanese & Australian directors, a writer, choreographer, dramaturg and physical theatre performers.

The development explored a combination of physical theatre (Caroline Dunphy, Director/Associate Artist, NORPA) and sports physiology based choreography (Koh-To-Shi, Nao Akao).

Sand Creative Development 1
Sand Creative Development 2
Sand Creative Development 3


SAND is a dance theatre piece inspired by the classic Japanese novel “Woman in the Dunes”. The choreography uses narrative motifs like character, desire and entrapment to explore themes of natural disaster (the 2011 tsunami); cultural relationships to landscape (Aboriginal/Beach Gothic) and cultural encounter. SAND explores the weathered fragments of our past, embedded in landscape and built environments. 

The Tokyo Creative Development provided Australian artists with the opportunity for cultural exchange and creative development in Japan, exploring inter-cultural artistic practice and building international relationships. 


SAND: dance theatre installation with Japanese and Australian theatre companies is supported by the Australian Government through the Australia-Japan Foundation of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

The Strategic International Market Fund provides support for artists and arts organisations to respond to opportunities and develop networks in target international markets that directly follow on from strategic initiatives delivered by the Australia Council.