Actor: Roxanne McDonald

Actor: Roxanne McDonald

National NAIDOC Week is an important time of the year for both Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities to come together to celebrate the culture and achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. This year’s theme is 'Because of her - we can!' recognising the strong, active and significant role Indigenous women have played in Australia's history.

Rovers was written specially for Roxanne McDonald and Barbara Lowing and celebrates some of the strong women in their families of origin, including Roxy’s feisty Granny Jessie, who lived during the difficult years of the Protection Act, losing one baby and raising another nine into strong and wonderful adults.

We asked Roxy if there was one person who had motivated her to take the big steps in her life.

“My mum. My mum was my greatest fan, inspiration, friend, who always believed in me. Who always said to me, ‘you can do anything. You just have to believe in yourself. You will do it my baby.’ I’ve had other friends and family motivate me too – but because I was with my mum a lot of time and I’d have doubts for years – I’d have worries – but I dunno – just looking at that little face and just wanting to do it for her, that’s what kept me going.”

We thank Roxy’s Mum, her Granny Jessie and all the other strong First Australians who helped make Roxy the incredible woman she is now, and who help shape Australia for future generations.

Today Roxy shared some of her stories at the Musgrave Park Family Fun Day 2018. We encourage you to seek out the remaining local NAIDOC events and celebrate the success of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. For info on events near you check out the NAIDOC website:
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AGM Announcement

We wish to advise of the upcoming annual general meeting of the members of Belloo Inc. The details of this meeting are as follows:

Date: Friday 24 February 2018

Time: 2pm

Place: QUT Kelvin Grove Campus

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