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Rovers 2018

Fun, Fabulous and Deadly

— Female, 45-64

Rovers, 2018

The performances were outstanding.

— Male, 75+

Rovers, 2018

So joyous and celebratory - beautifully brave

— Female, 35-44

Rovers, 2018

Thank you for bringing the stories of these women to the stage I didn't know I needed it until I saw it.

— Female, 15-24

I loved participating in a workshop facilitated by Belloo Creative who brought Japanese physical theatre company Idiot Savant to work with us in regional NSW. The Belloo Creative team were positive, generous, enthusiastic, inclusive, and, as their name says, creative. What a pleasure to work with such wonderful, warm-hearted people! Gratitude.
— Colleen Coy (artist)

Rovers, 2018
Q: How did you like the show?

A: It was really exciting to see both women onstage sharing their stories, particularly an Indigenous woman, Aunty Roxy, who I really admire and who has created pathways for so many Indigenous people working in theatre.

And to see such a genuine connection between both two women through their lives. And I think I learnt a lot about the way memories play out and I think I am looking forward to growing old and I think which is kind of exciting.

I would recommend the show to all audiences – I think it had such a nice mix of blackfellas and whitefellas there tonight. And there were parts of the story that I think I understood perhaps a little bit more, particularly about remains. Because I am really aware of the history of how colonisation has treated our undead. So I think that it is kind of interesting that it is a story as a whole we will get, but probably both sides will also get different interpretations – it is really exciting.

— Alethea Beetson

Rovers, 2018
Q: Did you enjoy the show?

A: Oh... fantastic I was really moved by the beautiful friendship between an Indigenous woman and a white woman and talking important issues for all of us in a really beautiful subtle way. And touching on those issues with humour and life and using real-life stories and imagination to do that.

And particularly moving to see it start through a childlike vision and childlike imagination. Very beautiful.

I would definitely recommend it and see it again.

— Dr Joanne Loth, University of the Sunshine Coast

Rovers, 2018
Q: How did you like the show?

A: Grandmother: Absolutely wonderful.

Grand-daughter: I really loved it.

Grandmother: It was refreshing to see something different, unpretentious but really well done.

Grand-daughter: I thought it was really funny and I like how they went back in time.

Mother: Any story that explores the journey that women take intergenerationally and interculturally is important. We laughed and cried in equal measures.

— Audience members of three generations seeing the show together