REVIEWS: HANAKO | Brisbane Festival 13-17 Sept 2016


By Sonny Clarke. 

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Hanako: Desire & Other Secret Weapons is a potent production
— Sonny Clarke (Sept 2016)
Belloo Creative’s format for hosting a production is refreshing with an inspired pre-show art exhibition by emerging artists - many of the pieces were sold.
— Sonny Clarke (Sept 2016)
The Belloo team have produced an action packed, fast paced mash-up of rap music, martial arts, fashion and mayhem
— Sonny Clarke (Sept 2016)
Jonathan Shankey’s set design is unique, sleek and moody
— Sonny Clarke (Sept 2016)
Kathryn Walsh embrace the asymmetry of Japans coolest designers (think Miyake), of particular note is Mishma’s half-suit that spoke of his unwilling entrapment between two cultural worlds.
— Sonny Clarke (Sept 2016)
Noriaki Okubo is painfully elusive in the role of Mishima, the simmering self-torture of the Japanese artist evident in his steely expression and sharp dialogue (mostly in Japanese)
— Sonny Clarke (Sept 2016)
Don’t miss this show but stay away from the third toilet cubical!!
— Sonny Clarke (Sept 2016)
Caroline Dunphy and Katherine Lyall-Watson have created an impressive piece of theatre … An electrically charged, cross-cultural, multi-disciplined journey
— Sonny Clarke (Sept 2016)
Kimi Tsukakoshi is chilling and yet familiar as Hanako
— Sonny Clarke (Sept 2016)

REVIEW: Blue Curtains Brisbane

Stories from the Stalls: Brisbane theatre reviews and reflections… by Meredith Walker

HANAKO Honour ... read the full review.

Hanako... represents all that is wonderful about festival works and the rich diversity of theatrical conversation that they generate.
— Meredith Walker (Sept 2016)
This is a show for the curious and creative alike.
— Meredith Walker (Sept 2016)
Like Belloo’s previous, acclaimed “Motherland” it sits comfortably in its text, but never forgets the honour of the truth behind mythology, making its World Premiere as part of Brisbane Festival something of which its local, all-female, award-winning independent theatre company should be immensely proud.
— Meredith Walker (Sept 2016)
From theatre to martial arts and urban fashion, there is something on offer for everyone, including even some mochi, served during a little break in proceedings.
— Meredith Walker (Sept 2016)

REVIEW: She Brisbane

By Michelle Beesley

World premiere of HANAKO flower child... read the full review.

Urban fashion is interspersed with elements of Anime, DJ and hip hop, and the lighting by the talented Jason Glenwright really sets the mood throughout the play.
— Michelle Beesley (Sept 2016)
Quick, don’t miss it! Don’t miss your chance to see this amazing production or the artwork as you walk into the theatre.
— Michelle Beesley (Sept 2016)

REVIEW: Weekend Notes

By Vee Cawood

HANAKO at the Brisbane Powerhouse ... read the full review.

The Visy theatre leans a true intimacy to the performance that enhances your experience, making you feel part of the story.
— Vee Cawood (Sept 2016)
The actors do a fabulous job
— Vee Cawood (Sept 2016)
Bringing laughter and fun into this play was magnificently orchestrated by Katherine Lyall-Watson & Caroline Dunphy.
— Vee Cawood (Sept 2016)
A thought provoking evening that manages to remain light and fun... leaving you feeling uplifted when it ends.
— Vee Cawood (Sept 2016)

Reviews: MOTHERLAND 20 April - 30 May 2016

Queensland Theatre & National Tour 2016

Motherland is the most beautifully crafted and intelligently delivered story you’ll see on stage this year. Its passion and fierce beauty will stay with you long after you leave the theatre.
— Xanthe Coward, XS Entertainment April 2016
The best plays sweep you up, visually and emotionally, and drop you down amongst the action. They’re so engaging you can’t escape. They’re so spectacular you don’t want to. The newest production on my Best Plays list is the phenomenal ‘Motherland’. ... High-energy, entertaining and emotionally stirring.
— Weekend Notes
The play was first performed in 2013 to acclaim and now, after more work and a new technical team, the script comes to life in a new way. It is one of the best plays I have seen in a while.
— Eric Scott, Absolute Theatre April 2016
... In your face melodrama...
— Martin Buzacott, The Australian April 2016
... the audience is treated to an impressive tapestry of the human experience, with all its quirky twists and turns, which makes life so unpredictable…The playwright, cast and director Caroline Dunphy have done a fine job in taking an interesting real-life personal history out of the Brisbane story and turning it into a compelling piece of theatre.
— Douglas Kennedy, Hush Hush Biz April 2016
I must say here that all five of the actors were superb...
— Eric Scott, Absolute Theatre April 2016
This new production of Katherine Lyall-Watson’s play is a beautiful piece of work in every possible way. It is a finely crafted script that melds perfectly from character to character, time-frame to time-frame and country to country...
— Eric Scott, Absolute Theatre April 2016


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