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Our philosophy is to bring people and stories out of the shadows.

Belloo Creative  is an all-female, award-winning independent Australian theatre company that produces original contemporary cross-cultural works. Founded in 2013, Belloo explores new ways of firing the imagination and connecting stories with the human body. 

Belloo is four women with decades of experience:  Caroline Dunphy (co-artistic director, director and performer); Katherine Lyall-Watson (co-artistic director and writer); Kathryn Kelly (dramaturg); and Danielle Shankey (producer and general manager).

Belloo is committed to developing partnerships to present works nationally and internationally. We have co-produced work with NORPA, Brisbane Festival, Queensland Theatre, Brisbane Powerhouse and Critical Stages and toured to Queensland, New South Wales and Canberra. 

We value cross-cultural collaboration, risk-taking and rigorous process. We seek out partnerships, growing them into powerful relationships. 


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Our newest work Rovers will premiere at NORPA in 2018. Rovers is a contemporary comedy-drama celebrating the grit and daring of Australian women. Intrepid performers Roxanne McDonald and Barbara Lowing will get behind the wheel and navigate us into risky terrain, journeying through the heart line of their lives and into the hilarious misadventures of the women who made them who they are today.  

SAND is a new dance theatre work co-produced by Belloo, NORPA and Idiot Savant (Japan), which will premiere in 2019. This contemporary cross-cultural work explores how bodies relate with one another in the resistance and shifting nature of sand. SAND draws from Japanese classic literature, the 2011 tsunami and Indigenous connections to sand to create an original, contemporary performance.  

Belloo’s deep connection to Japan and our intercultural expertise was recognized by the Australia Council who invited Belloo to join the 2017 & 2018 delegations to the Tokyo Performing Arts Market (TPAM).   

HANAKO is a bilingual performance that premiered at Brisbane Powerhouse as part of the Brisbane Festival in 2016 and is currently part of Critical Stages’ slate for 2019 touring.  

Belloo's first work, MOTHERLAND, premiered at Metro Arts in 2013 and toured Australia in 2016, starting off with a season at Queensland Theatre. AWARDS: 2 Matilda Awards; 7 Matilda Award Nominations; Patrick White (finalist). 

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